Religio, Mores, Cultura.

St. Benedict’s College Alumni Association Canada is the St. Benedict’s College Old Boys association for Ontario, Canada. The association allows Old Boys living across Ontario to stay connected with each other.

About St. Benedict’s College

St.Benedict’s College, Kotahena, founded in 1865, was the leading Catholic Institution of the Archdiocese and came under the mantle of the De La Salle Brothers.

In a twist of destiny, three Brothers who were returning to their home country, France, met Dr. Silani Vicar Apostolic of South Ceylon in Colombo. He persuaded them to stay on in Ceylon. The trio, comprising of brothers Hidulphus, Ulfin Daniel and Hermelard Leo agreed to accept the mission of administering the College and entered a niche of history in education. The Director, Brother Hidulphus, emphasized that the purpose of the Institution entrusted to them was primarily to afford Catholic youth and others despite their creed or persuasion a regular course of education. They were joined by Brother John, an Irishman in 1867.

The first official Director of St.Benedict’s College was Brother Modeste Marie who assumed duties in July 1867. The standard of education imparted received accolades from officers administering the Ceylon Government and team of officials from the Central Schools Commission.

The destiny of St.Benedict’s has been efficiently steered by the De La Salle Brothers who focused on their mission with exemplary zeal and held aloft the motto ‘Religio, Mores, Cultura’. The first Ceylonese Director of the College was Brother Luke whose tenure was marked by much needed changes in infrastructure, notably the 3 storey building that was constructed. He was followed by a succession of Brothers who illuminated St.Benedict’s with their academic stature and adhered to the maxims laid down by their Founder St. Jean-Baptiste de La Salle. During its long reign of 152 years, St.Benedict’s College has produced students who excelled in Medicine, Law, Commerce and Banking. It is to the credit of the vision of the Directors of that era that Commercial education was introduced for the first time in Ceylon with a strong demand for admission with some of the best teachers the College was endowed with.

St.Benedict’s College, the premier Lasallian Institution in Sri Lanka has produced a great number of students who have scaled the heights of academia and sports during its long and distinguished history in addition to several who answered God’s call and rose to eminence in the hierarchy.

The Sesquicentennial Jubilee of St.Benedict’s was celebrated in 2015 on a grand scale with Benedictines alumni arriving from abroad to join in the festivities which concluded with the gala Jubilee Dinner Dance.

In perspective it could be truly said the history of St.Benedict’s is a tale of Christian love and labour strengthened by the eternal promise “They that instruct others unto Justice shall shine as stars for all eternity”

By Eric Motha

Located adjacent to St. Lucia’s CathedralThe College provides education to around 3000 students with a staff of around 200+ teachers. Students are enrolled from Grade 1 to Grade 13 with the local syllabus in English Sinhala and Tamil mediums.

College Anthem

Boys of St. Benedict’s young and old,
High be your aim in life’s onward view!
Loyal and devoted be to the fold,
With reverence meet to your shepherds true!

For Christ and Church, united we stand.
E’er loyal and staunch, or win we, or fall!
The truth to sow broadcast o’ er the land,
Promptly to rally at duty’s call!

True to our God and true to all men,
Follow we ever life’s holy plan!
Doing the duty that is to do
Bearing the cross with the crown in view.