Greetings Fellow Bens,

Hope you are all keeping well. It has been quite a while since we got together in person…..

With the festive season just around the corner, your 2022 Old Bens Council has decided to have a gathering among our Benedictine fraternity and host a Christmas party on Saturday, December 3, 2022 (see attached flyer for details).

As per tradition, we are pleased to inform you that once again, children and grandchildren (12 years and under) of Old Bens will receive a free gift from none other than Santa! To that end, please provide the following information and email it back to me no later than Wednesday, November 16th.
1. Full name of the member:

2. Current email address:
3. Current phone number:

4. Number of adults attending: 
5. Children or Grandchildren’s (12 years and under):
     a.   Full name
     b.   Age
     c.   Gender

We are also pleased to inform you that a sumptuous dinner will be provided to the Old Bens, their spouse and children/grandchildren. As you are aware, our Alumni Association waived the annual membership fee of $20 for the past three years due to the pandemic. As such, we would greatly appreciate, if you could bring your 2023 membership fee of $20 when arriving for the Christmas party.


Gaston Rodrigo

Social Secretary
St.Benedict’s College Alumni Association (Canada)